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Amped is a leading brand in developing the high quality routers with long range coverage. Based on the customer needs and advance technology Amped routers are getting high range. Amped wireless routers are designed with customer and business oriented needs. These routers can be used for house and office. These wireless routers are lass with high power amplifiers to provide you extended wireless signals for broad coverage.

Amped routers are enables with high power antennas with Omni-directional coverage, to provide you unmatched WiFi signal coverage at your home or office. Amped has used advanced Wi-Fi technology with built in blazing speed. Amped routers are designed with 802.11ac wi-fi technology. Now stream your 4 k videos without any buffering and lag. With amped wifi routers you can enjoy online gaming without any lag. Transferring the large files is very smooth and fast with amped wireless routers. Some of the amped wireless routers are lass with MU-MIMO technology that serves multiple devices at the same time. Some advanced features are discussed below-

Overview of Amped wireless router-

Amped wireless routers are designed with indoor and outdoor solutions. Amped Athena R2 RTA 2600 and Athena RTA 2600 are the latest amped routers with MU-MIMO technology. Both these routers are enabled with AC2600. Amped B1900 RT router is designed with AC1900 and AC1750 (amped touchscreen router) is a high power router. Some of the amped routers work on AC1200 series. N-series routers from amped are designed with high power 600mW power and gigabit ports. Amped N-series smart routers are very innovative and smart routers.

Smart Security Features-

With Amped wireless routers are enabled with high end security features. Now get the best parental control which gives you the access to monitor and control unauthorized websites. With this feature you can even control and limit the use of WiFi. With advanced security features you can control and restrict user access and firewall. With smart features create guest network. All these routers support the WPA /WPA 2 and WPS setup.

Additional Wired Ports for best connectivity

Most amped routers are designed with additional wired ports. These ports are able to support four different wired devices. Now with these additional ports you can connect your smart TV, computer, gaming console and any other devices.

Amped wireless router setup-

All the amped routers are very easy to install and configure. You can follow the wizard setup process. To do the setup you have to plug your modem in to your amped router. Once modem is connected then you have to connect your PC with your router.  Now you can easily access the Amped setup wizard. Once you are done with amped setup configuration now you can use your amped router and can enjoy your wireless connectivity.

Amped Wireless router login-

Before to do the amped wireless router set up find the correct place to set up your router. Then follow the given steps –

  • Connect your PC  with Ethernet cable to amped router
  • Now open your web browser  or http://  
  • Open the amped setup wizard and click next.
  • Try to detect the internet settings and configure the router.
  • Enter the SSID name and set default security key. Create a password for your router. Click on Apply.
  • Set up is complete and you can enjoy your wireless connectivity.

/////////Find a location for installation

> Open your Web Browser
> If you are not able to login with website
> Enter the setup web address into your browser:

/////////Hardware Connections

 > Open the lid of the Pro Smart Repeater and
check that the 30 ft PoE cable is securely
fastened to the port.
> Use the included network cable to connect
your PC to the PoE adapter’s port.
> Locate the PoE Adapter and connect the 30 ft d
PoE cable to the port on the PoE Adapter.
> Locate the power adapter and connect one
end to a power outlet and the other end to
the port on the PoE adapter.

/////////Disconnect your PC from Wireless Networks and open your Web Browser.

Welcome to the Smart Setup Wizard

> The wizard will guide you through the setup of your Smart Repeater.
> Click Next to begin.

/////////Scan for a Wireless Network to Repeat

> Click Scan to begin scanning for nearby wireless
> Highlight and select the wireless network
that you wish to repeat.

Note: If you do not see your desired wireless network, move the Pro Smart Repeater closer to the
router and scan again as it may be out of range. Amped wireless login

/////////Home Network Security Settings (If necessary)

If your wireless home network has security
enabled, you will need to enter the security
code here.
> If your wirleess home network does not have
security enabled, leave the security field
> Click Next to continue.

/////////Configure Settings for your Extended Network

The ID of your Extended Network is: Amped_Pro_SR

To change it, enter a new name in the SSID
field. Users connecting wirelessly to the Pro
Smart Repeater will use this ID to identify
your Extended Network.
> The default Security Key (WPA) of your
Extended Network is: wireless
> To change it, enter a new key in the Security
Key field. The key must be at least 8
characters long.
> Click Next to apply your settings. The Smart
Repeater will reboot. This process may take
up to 2 minutes. Do not refresh the web
page.The page will automatically reload
with the connection status.

/////////Setup Summary

Congratulations, the Pro Smart Repeater is now
successfully configured. Your settings are now
saved. You may now detach the Ethernet
cable from your computer and connect
wirelessly to the Pro Smart Repeater.

If you haven’t already positioned your Pro Smart
Repeater in an optimal location, you may do so
now. Your settings will be saved if the Pro Smart
Repeater is powered off.


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