Troubleshooting Tips

I entered and it failed to open the Web Menu.

a. Make sure your computer is connected to the Pro Smart Repeater using the included Ethernet cable.
Do not try to connect with a wireless connection. Ensure that the power on the Pro Smart Repeater is on.
b. Check that your computer IS NOT connected to any wireless networks. If it is, disable your WiFi connection disconnect from all wireless networks, power the Repeater on and off, and try again.
c. Close your current web browser and reopen it. Try the web address again.
d. Try to use a different web browser. We recommend the Google Chrome web browser.
e. Try to open your web browser to the default IP address by putting this number into your web browser
f. Power off (unplug the power adapter) the Pro Smart Repeater and power it back on. Try again.
g. Reset your Pro Smart Repeater to default settings by holding the Reset Button (located on the back panel of the PoE Adapter) for ten (10) seconds and try again.

I cannot connect to my Home Network. I received an Error when running the Smart Setup Wizard.

a. Your Home Network may be secured. Double check that you have the correct security key to connect to
the Home Network.
b. Try adjusting the channel number of your Home Network’s router to channel 5 thru 11. Then attempt the
Smart Setup Wizard again.
c. Reboot your Home Network router and try to connect again using the Smart Setup Wizard.
d. Check to see that your Home Network router’s DHCP server is enabled. The Smart Repeater needs to
obtain an IP from your Home Network router.

My Pro Smart Repeater was working fine previously but now I can no longer access the Internet through the Pro Smart Repeater. My Internet connection is intermittent and unstable.

a. The connection to your Home Network has been dropped or the settings to your router have changed.
This can be caused by several events to your home wireless connection, such as a power outage to your router.
When this occurs, connect to the Pro Smart Repeater and access the setup menu using the web address: Run through the Smart Setup Wizard to reconnect the Pro Repeater to your network.
b. If you cannot access the setup menu, check to see that your Smart Repeater is still on. Reboot the Smart
Repeater by unplugging the power adapter and plugging it back in. Check to see if your connection has
been reestablished by viewing a website. If you do not have a connection, logon to and configure a new Home Network connection.
c. Using the setup menu ( check to see that the signal strength between the Pro Smart Repeater and your home network is above 75%. The Pro Smart Repeater may be too far from your home router.
To find the signal strength between the router and the Pro Smart Repeater you may check the Management >
Repeater Status page on the web menu. On the bottom of the Home Wireless Network Settings section there will be a Signal Strength readout. This Signal Strength must be above 75%. If it is below, move the Pro Smart Repeater closer to your router, or reposition the Pro Smart Repeater.

If you continue to have issues setting up the Smart Repeater, give Amped Wireless a call 888-573-8820

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